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mobile power supplies

移動電源的DC- DC轉換器,完全隔離電池充電器負尖峰

The operation of a motor control device, commonly used on forklifts, front end loaders, small utility vehicles utilizing thyristors, can cause a negative spike to be generated. Any electronics sharing a common power system can be affected by these negative spikes.

Analytic Systems has developed a modification to prevent these negative spikes from accidentally shutting down power conversion units. We are often called upon to supply fully isolated DC-DC converters to produce 15 - 16 volts DC, at 5 to 7 amps from forklifts, 36 or 48 volts DC to run notebook computers.


Our customers include GE, Walmart, Crown, US Navy, Raymond, BC Hydro, Oshkosh, NBC, Duke Energy.

The ‘Forklift’ Modification

These are particularly tough applications, as the thyristor-based motor drives for the forks and tires produce large amounts of overlying AC on the batteries, and will cause many converters to fail unless proper input-circuitry is used. We call this the ‘Forklift’ Modification.

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