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marine-military power supplies


Analytic Systems has over 30 years' experience providing power conversion solutions for the most challenging military marine environments.

Our products power military watercraft, coast guard applications, tug boats, work boats, reconnaissance vessels, and oceanographic vessels around the world.


Designed and tested in military environments

Analytic Systems designs, tests, and manufactures high-performance DC-DC voltage converters, DC-AC inverters, AC-DC Power Supplies, and battery chargers for Marine Military applications.


Our products serve the highest levels of Marine Military, including:

  • US Navy - VTC615-24-24 Voltage Converter.
  • NAVAIR - IPS600-12-110 and IPS1000-20-110 Pure Sinewave Inverters.
  • USMC - VTC 305 Voltage Converter.
  • Canadian Coast Guard - VTC615 power supply for gyroscopes.

Other users include Israeli Navy, S. African Navy, British Royal Navy, USMC, Canadian Navy, US Navy

From the chassis down to the small components, our marine power conversion products are built to be rugged, durable, and suitable for the most extreme environments.


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