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ground-military power supplies



Analytic Systems designs and manufactures high-performance military power converters for a variety of applications. We supply forces at home and abroad, including the United States, Canada, NATO, foreign militaries, and many state/local emergency agencies.

Our products include military DC to DC converters, military AC DC converters, and military DC AC inverters, as well as all types of battery chargers. We supply almost every branch of the US Military, which uses customized versions of our PWS1510, PWS310, VTC615-24-24 and BCA1510 products in various operations.

When it comes to military power converters, we’re all about exceeding expectations. That means using our engineering expertise and manufacturing capacity to ensure we produce DC to DC converters, military AC DC converters, and military DC AC inverters that are rugged, reliable and able to meet your military power system needs.



Most of our products are C.O.T.S. (Commercial off the Shelf) and can be modified for military use. Our Military products are built to meet or exceed standards including:

  • MIL-STD810D 

  • Method 514-3

  • Cat-I Procs C.O.T.S. 

  • MIL-PRF 44485 

  • EMC radiated 

  • Conducted emissions MIL-STD 461F.

All C.O.T.S. products are manufactured in accordance with IPC-A-610 and many can be built to IP66 or IP67 requirements


Download our Military Applications Marketing Sheet


Download our Military UAS Applications Marketing Sheet


  • SPARKS II C-IED program (custom battery charger),
  • ITAS / Sabre TOW weapons system (custom Li-Ion battery charger),
  • Shadow UAS UGCS power supply (custom power supply and battery charger),
  • Can. Forces TAPV from Textron MLS (military 2000 Watt Dc/AC inverter)
  • Tobyhanna C-IED program for HMMWVs (COTS DC battery charger),
  • LMCO S&T, C-IED program (custom battery charger for Europe),
  • The Canadian Forces Shelter Program (custom power supply and battery chargers)-- called "the heartbeat" of their system,
  • Textron's Afghan National Army Ambulance program (custom DC/AC inverters)
  • Northrop Grumman/US Army CPP program (custom DC/AC from 300W to 2000W)
  • US Army Field Kitchens, our largest on-going (10,000+ units) program for the (custom power supplies and battery chargers to power their electronic stoves (MBU).

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