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Oil Gas and Mining power supplies


For over 30 years, Analytic Systems has designed high performance power conversion products to meet the standards for use in rugged and harsh environments such as oil, gas and mining .

The modern design of our products utilizes efficient filtering, robust circuit boards, and expensive heavy gauge copper conductors. All products are designed by Analytic Systems’ engineers and assembled in our Canadian factory.

Four additional durability options are also available:

  • Simple moisture protection
  • Water resistance
  • High vibration
  • Wide temperature operation

Models are available to step-up, step-down, stabilize or isolate AC or DC power over a range of 12 to 360 Volts, and all standard products we manufacture are backed with a three-year warranty.

Several of our 24-12 volt Voltage Converters are used throughout the Oil & Gas Industry for Off-Grid SCADA applications. We can modify most of our 300 or 600 Watt power conversion products to meet these specific needs.

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